How does the solar power system work?

Here is a simple diagram showing how to generate cleaner power at a more affordable price from solar power through the VuPhongSolar installation system for your business.

Solar panels (PV module or Solar panel)

Solar panels include PV cells that convert sunlight into direct current (DC).

On grid inverter

This device converts the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC for connecting to your electrical system and grid.

Electricity box

AC power from the inverter goes to the cabinet to supply to your equipment.

Power meter system

The meter measures the amount of electricity your system generates and consumes. Clock turns back when your system is generating more power than it is consuming.

Grid electricity meter

Your business is still connected to the grid. You will need traditional power from the power company at night, but do not worry, the cost is offset by the excess solar power you put into the grid during the day.

24/7 surveillance system

Our proprietary monitoring system continually monitors your power production and ensures that your solar power system operates efficiently. It will even warn our repair teams in rare cases if any issues arise.

Use solar power for your business today!