May 12, 2017

This Kickstarter wants to turn your window blinds into solar power generators

Let’s say you want to switch to solar—for ecological or economic reasons—but are a renter. Installing solar panels on your roof isn’t really an option unless […]
January 18, 2016

Solar plane passes new test ahead of planned world tour

A solar-powered plane made a third successful test flight in the United Arab Emirates on Monday (Feb 2) ahead of a planned round-the-world tour to promote […]
January 18, 2016

World’s Largest Solar-Powered Boat

I covered the unveiling of TÛRANOR PlanetSolar, the world’s largest solar-powered boat, back in February. In September, this solar-powered catamaran set out on its first major […]
January 18, 2016

Synthetic Fuel from CO2 and Solar Energy?

Really amazing are the innovative ways solar power is put into use. Now a team of scientists working in Sandia National Laboratories  is focusing on exploring […]
December 26, 2015

The 10 Best Solar Airplane Concepts

Recently we posted an article announcing the production of a portable solar charger for airplane avionics. At the end of that article we asked if you […]
December 26, 2015

Solar-powered plane

An experimental solar-powered plane landed safely today after completing its first 24-hour test flight, proving that the aircraft can collect enough energy from the sun during […]
December 26, 2015

Fiat to add solar roofs to power vehicle accessorie

Fiat will be partnering with Irish company SolarPrint to add photovoltaic systems to the roofs of its future cars. Despite advances in solar energy collection and […]
December 26, 2015

Residential Solar Power Solar Power

Solar power systems that are tied to the grid are designed to feed power back to the utility system when they generate more power than can […]
December 26, 2015

How Much Does A Solar Power System Cost?

How Much Does A Solar Power System Cost?  solar panel savings Each person’s situation will be a little different. Your solar power system should be tailored […]