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December 26, 2015
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December 26, 2015

How Much Does A Solar Power System Cost?

How Much Does A Solar Power System Cost?  solar panel savings

Each person’s situation will be a little different. Your solar power system should be tailored to your lifestyle and depends on your electric usage, sun exposure and your available roof or ground space.

With the rising costs of electric rates, your savings from solar actually increase each year, creating a cost-efficient investment and a hedge against inflation. When your solar energy system is generating immediate positive cash flow and cleaning up the environment at the same time, a more appropriate question may be, “How much will a solar power system save me?”

What are the factors for pricing your solar power system?
1. How many solar panels do you need?

The answer is based on your current and future electrical usage. It also depends on what type of PV panels you use. Some panels are more energy-efficient, therefore, you will use fewer panels of this type.

Solar Technologies is a Premier Dealer for SunPower offering the most efficient solar panels in the world. We offer a variety of products and will design a system to fit your individual needs.

Some factors to take into consideration are:

o Do you use air-conditioning?
o Are you going to buy an electric vehice?
o Are you going to add a hot tub?
o Are you going to add more people to your family?
o Are you going to start your own internet business and have servers located on your premises?

2. How many inverters do you need?

Inverters come in different sizes and are based on the size of your solar power system. You will usually need one inverter, however, there are times when two inverters are necessary. This depends on the brand of the panels used and how many strings (of panels) each inverter can handle. Solar Technologies offers SMA and Solectria inverters and we are an authorized repair facility for Solectria.

3. What type of mounting system is being used?

Is your solar power system going to be on a roof, on the ground, on a shade structure, etc.? This will be determined by the amount of roof space, sun exposure, your electric usage, and  your preference . If you need to build a structure for the solar power system, it will increase the cost.

These are the major factors used to determine what size system you need and how much it will cost. We always recommend that you buy a solar power system that is sized to your needs. Don’t build too small or too big.

The experts at Solar Technologies have been designing systems since the 1970’s and have the experience to create a system that will work for a variety of scenarios.

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