Back Up Solar Power System
December 26, 2015
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December 26, 2015

Solar Power Battery Back Up Systems

Solar-powered battery backups provide an extremely reliable system for keeping the lights on – even when the utility company’s power fails. And unlike other backup systems that burn propane or natural gas, these batteries are powered entirely with clean energy from the sun.

Solar power system backup batteries are particularly well-suited to small businesses with critical loads that must stay powered up, even during an outage. If you have a business, when the grid’s down, there’s no reason why your clients can’t continue to count on your services. Solar power battery backups are used most often in homes, allowing families to stay tuned to the outside world during disasters or even routine outages.

Your solar panels will continue converting sunlight into electricity as usual, but will also top off the batteries each day. When utility power fails, the batteries provide electricity to priority circuits, allowing uninterrupted operation of important loads for four to 12 hours. During the day, your batteries are recharged to power your home or office as long as the outage continues.

Solar Power Battery Back Up Benefits:

* Clean battery backups are extremely reliable.
* Seamless switch to back-up batteries, providing continuous flow of energy to critical loads.
* Recharged daily by solar array, meaning no fuel, no pollution and no noise from gas-powered generators
* Requires minimal maintenance.

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