Enjoy the benefits of the sun's endless clean energy!

Reduce electricity bills - Live greener - Keep up with solar power trends.

As technology evolves, the cost of solar power is decreasing compared to that of traditional fossil fuels. It's time to move on to a cleaner source of energy!

Vuphongsolar is one of Vietnam's leading providers of comprehensive and efficient solar power solutions. From solar household power systems to enterprise businesses, our solutions are flexibly customized to meet every need. With a solid technical background, rich practical experience, dedicated team, high responsibility, Vuphongsolar is a reliable place to start thinking about the energy of this future.

Together, we can create a brighter future for you and for our common house!

On Grid (Cambodian)

The Best Electricity Savings Solution With Renewable Energy

Off Grid (Cambodian)

Enjoy modern and independent living with Solar Energy!

Solar Water Pump (Vietnamese)

Great Solution for Modern Irrigation Systems

Solar Street Lights (Vietnamese)

Use Solar Powered Night Lights to Bring High Economic Efficiency

Solar Station Charger (Vietnamese)