Reduce high daytime electricity costs, Reduce the cost of cooling the building.

One-time investment for clean power over 30 years.

Enhance modern imagery for users and works.

Cut your Bills, go Green, follow the Trend with Solar power.


Low demand

The system of 3 kWp or less for family to use electricity 1-2 million / month (600 – 1200 kWh/month)

Average demand

The system of 4 - 5 kWp for family with electricity 2-3 million / month (1200 - 1800 kWh / month)

High demand

The system of 6 - 8 kWp for family use electricity from 3 to 4 million / month (1800 - 2400 kWh / month)


Business & Organization

Low Energy Consuption

A 50 kWp or less system is suitable for businesses and organizations that use less than VND 50 million per month.

Average Energy Consumption

The 50-100 kWp system is suitable for businesses and organizations using 50-100 million VND per month.

High Energy Consumption

A system of 100 kWp or more is suitable for businesses and organizations that use more than VND 100 million per month.

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On-Grid (Grid-tie) System

The solar system is connected to the power grid to reduce the grid electricity consumption and selling excess energy.

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Off-grid (Standalone) System

The solar system can work without the power grid and Solar energy is stored in battery, giving people the independence in energy supply.

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Solar Water Pump

The pump is powered directly by the sun without battery and work automatically whenever there is sunlight thus save operation costs.

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Solar Street Lights

Lighting streets and outdoor spaces by solar power with automatic operation and complete safety.

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