Sharing from Vu Phong Solar

Sun is for All. We just bring it to You.Here at Vu Phong, we care about our social and environmental responsibilities by respecting the rights of workers and other stakeholders, making business operations safe and environmentally responsible, and especially, supporting communities around us.About over 2 million Vietnamese people still have no access to electricity, and the quantity of same people all over the world is 1.4 billion. We wish to contribute to changing that.For those living in remote mountain ​villages or isolated areas in Vietnam, the lack of electricity makes life a struggle – to live, to study, to work toward a better future. We offer rechargeable solar lights and solar power systems, casting a ray of hope upon hundreds of families and children.We will continue these meaningful activities because they help to actualize our goal of “Bringing light to the poor children across Vietnam”.

"The Light" is sponsored to swim JCI East Saigon - JCI Vietnam - Bui Gia Man, Binh Phuoc

In September 2019, Vu Phong and JCI East Saigon – JCI Vietnam presented gifts and installed solar generators to poor households in Bu Gia Map – Binh Phuoc without electricity.

Starting in 2020, many activities from the Dove Foundation support the community in Quang Tri

On 04 Jan 2020, Vu Phong Solar and Dove Foundation supported the community in Quang Tri to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment. Donating 2 computer rooms and gifts for children, donating 220 families of solar generators, awarding 90 scholarships for high school students … small gifts of big hearts and scholarships are a great motivation for them to try harder to go to university.

“The Light” is sponsored by JCI East Saigon-JCI Vietnam-Lam Dong

Realizing the difficult circumstances still wavering under the early lights of the mid-21st century, JCI East Saigon – JCI Vietnam with The Light Project in March 2019 presented the SolarV Combo LS solar generator (stored by Lithium battery) to poor people and children without electricity in Ta Nang, Lam Dong.

Vu Phong Solar - Hoa Binh 11/2017

Heavy rain during 9th – 12th October 2017 resulting in flood and landslides in Hoa Binh Province, particularly in Da Bac District, causes dozens of people to die and many houses to be buried or washed away.

The magazine Light and Life and Vietnam Lighting Association called for donations to relieve the pain and overcome difficulties of people here. In response to the campaign, on December 2nd 2017, Vu Phong sponsored 10 solar kits with the thought like what Dr. Nguyen Hong Tien said: The gift is not big, but hopefully we can contribute a small part to help the people and share their suffering.

“Lighting the Villages “donating 30 Solar power kit to the poor children in Ninh Thuan

Although, the national Grid has reached 100% of the villages in the mountainous district of Bac Ai, some households still need to build houses far from residential areas due to farming conditions. Most of them are facing problem about electricity since they haven’t enough money to invest by themselves. Many households are in difficult situation and they are using flashlight to light up at night. Everyday they brought their flashlight to the village for charging, but sometimes the flashlight run out of battery halfway. The phone is also run out of battery and there was no charging power to use so even the employer are hard to contact to work. Flashlight is only the light they have in the house and everyday it is necessary to bring it down to the village to charge in the morning and bring back in the evening to use as the general situation of the households living in this forest. In fact, there are households who are located in the deep area of the forest which is the road is more difficult to walk.

Having light at night will help change the life. And part of our giving to the poor, Vu Phong Solar together the SolarV Company donated 30 solar generators to the poor children in Bac Ai, Ninh Thuan on 12-Jan-2019

GIZ - GreenID - Hậu Giang 11/2017

On November 24th 2017, the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) presented Combo 220 solar generator kits to some very poor households in Hau Giang. Now families now have lights and fans, can charge phones and use the radio or the television. A big thank to warm hearts of Vietnamese and international friends, and the sun too.

Mountainous Poor Pupils Fund - "Rice with Meat" Program - Lai Chau 12/2017

The journalist Tran Dang Tuan from the program “Rice with Meat” of Mountainous Poor Pupils Fund gave solar kits to Northern mountainous schools in Huoi Dao and Huoi Linh Villages, Nam Cha Commune, Nam Nhun District, Lai Chau Province, where the national electricity grid cannot reach.

Nhiều Cù Ván Primary School - ShareTech - Lào Cai 09/2017

At the mountainous Nhieu Cu Van Primary School (Ta Van Chu Commune), which has been built for many years but still has no electricity, teachers and hundreds of students, especially boarding students, have to live in extremely difficult conditions.

The Mid-Autumn night 2017 is a memorable evening to pupils and teachers here and the authorities of Bac Ha District, Lao Cai when a 2.6 kWp off-grid (stand-alone) solar power system with an 11.5 kWh battery bank, sponsored by Sharetech Company, was inaugurated to make the school “brighter”.

[Green Highland Festival] McKnight Foundation - GreenID - Đắk Lắk 11/2017

The isolated Ea Rot Village (Cu Pui Commune, Krong Bong District, Dak Lak Province) is located in a 1,500-meter mountainous area and the access is extremely tough. Most of its residents are Hmong people, living with neither electricity nor clean water.

On November 10th, 2017, the Green Innovation and Development Center (GreenID) together with the Department of Industry and Trade of Dak Lak Province have handed over a 6.24kWp solar power system with a 24kWh battery bank supplying for living activities and RO water purification to local people. Besides designing and installing the system, Vu Phong also donated tens of LED bulbs and solar lights to the project.

[Electric wheelchair] Vu Phong Solar 01/2017

On 24 Jan 2017, Vu Phong donated an electric wheelchair to Son, a disabled man living in Bình Hòa, Tân Phước Khánh, Tân Uyên, Bình Dương, Vietnam. He lost an arm and both of his legs are paralyzed, thus he can not use an ordinary wheelchair. We hope this gift will make his life easier.

[Solar Lights Project] D.O.V.E Fund 2016 - 2017

Since Jan 2016, the D.O.V.E Fund has donated hundreds Vu Phong solar kits to people living in poverty and darkness in the Central and the South of Vietnam. Together with solar power pack kits presented by D.O.V.E Fund, Vu Phong also contributed solar lights to this program. We is proud of becoming one of Friends of D.O.V.E and going with them in such meaningful activities.

[Spring on the village] Sea Cactus Club - Faculty of Physics - Hue Pedagogical University 01/2017

“Spring comes to the village”, hosted by Sea Cactus Club – Faculty of Physics – Hue Pedagogical University happened in Rao Con Village, Son Trach Commune, Bo Trach Ward, Quang Binh Province in 22 – 23 Jan 2017.

Vuphongsolar - An Giang 11/2016

On 22 Nov 2016, Vu Phong together with Vũ Sơn, a Vu Phong’s retailer in Vung Tau, donated food and solar lights to 14 poor families in Tri Ton, An Giang.

Thomas Alva Edison Foundation & Hearts For Hue 09/2016.

Thomas Alva Edison Foundation and Hearts For Hue donated 40 solar generators to the poor in A Luoi, Thua Thien-Hue, Vietnam.

[Climate Camp] CHANGE - - Walmart Global Sourcing VN - HSBC 05-09 / 2016

Ma Da, Dong Nai, Việt Nam 05-09/2016 – 60 solar streetlights and solar kits.

HCM NU Green Summer 07/2016

HCM NU Green Summer – Tho Chu Island, Kien Giang, Việt Nam – 07/2016 – Solar light for the park of the island.

Vu Phong Company - Binh Thuan 07/2016

Vu Phong’s staff 07/2016 – Solar lights


Doi Van Sang Group – Binh Phuoc 29/05/2016 – 30 solar kits

Phuoc An 3 Primary School 08/2015

Early August 2015, Vu Phong, together with sponsorship of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), Center of Vietnam – Korea Cultural Exchanges, and students from Seoul National University, completed a solar power project at Phước An 3 Primary School, Tuy Phuoc, Binh Dinh.

The project provided a water filter, a tank of 15m3, a solar-grid pump and a 3kW on grid solar power system generating 15kWh per day. Not only did the system cut the electric cost, it also supplied fresh water to more than 300 teachers and students of the school and nearly 1,000 people in the surrounding area.

Lục Lạc Vàng – Golden Cowbell 2015-2016

Since Jan 01, 2015, Vũ Phong has engaged in “Golden Cowbell” – a reality show aiming to help needy families, especially ones whose children are going to school. The show is aired every Sunday with 6 households per episode.

Each of the families is presented a SolarV portable solar lamp made by us besides a cow couple and other gifts of benefactors. The lamp will provide light for children’s learning as well as the family’s working and activities.

During 2 years, Vu Phong has donated 555 lamps, which is equivalent to that 555 families, and more than that number of children have a brighter life.

Đạ Mpô Primary School 11/2013.

Liêng Srônh is a particularly impoverished commune lying to the west of Đam Rông District, Lam Dong Province, 35 km from the town center. Due to its rugged mountain terrain, transportation is extremely difficult. Almost inhabitants here are ethnic minorities.

Đạ Mpô Primary School is located in Village 5 of this commune, without any road to enter. The dangerous bamboo raft is the only way to arrive at this school. Under such tough conditions, understandably, the national grid cannot reach this area.

In Nov 2013, with supporting of Department of Science and Technology of Lâm Đồng Province, we installed a 1.74kW solar power system which lighted 5 classrooms of this school. Especially, all of 50 LED lamps of this project are made and sponsored by Vu Phong. We really hope this change can make living and educating of teachers here easier.