VuPhongSolar Workflow

We follow a process to make your transition to solar as smooth as possible.

We meet and discuss with you the reason you want to use solar energy. This is an ideal time to ask questions about your technology, process, or any concerns. This helps us understand your goals so that you can recommend the most suitable options.

Then, we will conduct a comprehensive survey, assessing the roof condition, measuring, sun-shading and shadowing.

We would like to introduce our options and help you find a solution to meet your power, budget and preferences needs. Have you met other solar power companies? We even provide you with tools to help you compare our solution with other companies, to get objective and accurate reviews.

Once you have selected your solar power system, we will process all of the steps, from paperwork, permits to contacting the power company and installation.

After installation, we will monitor the effectiveness of the system to promptly detect any changes and take the necessary action.

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