Solar Panel LG375N2W-G4

Solar Panel LG365N2W-G4
March 16, 2018
Solar Panel LG370N2W-G4
March 16, 2018

Solar Panel LG375N2W-G4

High Efficiency LG NeON®2 72cell Module Cells: 6 x 12 Module efficiency 19.1% Connector Type: MC4

Enhanced Performance Warranty

LG NeON® 2 72cell has an enhanced performance warranty. The annual degradation has fallen from 0.7/yr to 0.6/yr. Even after 25 years, module guarantees 2.4p more output than the previous LG NeON® modules.

High Power Output

Compared with previous models, the LG NeON® 2 72cell has been designed to significantly enhance its output efficiency, hereby making space management more efficient even in limited areas.

Better Performance on a Sunny Day

LG NeON® 2 72cell now performs better on a sunny days thanks to its improved temperature coefficiency.

BOS (Balance Of System) Saving

LG NeON® 2 72cell can reduce the total number of strings due to its high module efficiency resulting in a more cost effective and efficient solar power system.

Improved Product Warranty

As well as the enhanced performance warranty, LG has extended the product warranty of the LG NeON® 2 72cell for an additional 2 years.

Double-Sided Cell Structure

The rear of the cell used in LG NeON® 2 72cell will contribute to generation, just like the front; the light beam reflected from the rear of the module is reabsorbed to generate a great amount of additional power.

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